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About InHotelApp

InHotelApp is an innovative hotel mobile application for hoteliers that love to move beyond their guests expectations. The main purpose of the application is to equip hotel guests with useful and practical information during their stay in the hotel. It shows bus and metro stations close to the hotel, ATMs, useful phone numbers, attractions and many more. There is no need for internet access in order to use it. All the information is located in the smart phone to enhance usability and functionality of the App
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"It is the first year we have been using InHotelApp and we have already adopted it in to our strategy for repeated sales. Definitely it is a powerful tool for a hotelier"

Yiannis Kyritsis, General Manager
Andronis Exclusive Hotels Santorini

Mobile Compatibility
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Platforms Compatibility

InHotelApp is available at the moment for the iPhone and Android users. For iPhone it is available for versions 3GS, 4 and 4S. For Android devices it is available for version 2.2 or later.
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