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Hotel Mobile AppInHotelApp is an innovative hotel mobile application for hoteliers that love to move beyond their guests' expectations

The main purpose of the application is to equip your hotel guests with useful and practical information during their stay in the hotel. There is no need for internet access in order to use the application. All the information is located in your guest's smart phone to enhance usability and functionality of your hotel mobile application.


Information Structure

The information structure of InHotelApp covers two main content categories. The first category includes information about the hotel such us:

  • facilities
  • offers
  • useful information
  • links to your website booking engine
  • social media links
  • call the reception button
  • map with the way back to hotel (GPS enabled)
  • and many more.

The second category is a travel guide for your area based on your hotel location. In this section your guests are able to find information such us,

Things to do around the hotel Sights and monuments
Bus and metro stations close to your hotel Useful phone numbers such us taxi, police,health centre
List of restaurants and bars on interactive maps Events etc.

Dynamic Content

The content of your app is fully dynamic. This means that you are able to choose what information you would like to add for your guests according to your needs. Even if you have a city hotel or a resort, InHotelApp is a fully customizable hotel mobile application. By ordering the App we give you access to the InHotelApp Content Manager where you can manage your content, add categories, events, create interactive maps and publish them automatically to your guests' smart phones.

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